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WordPress Website Design, Photography & SEO are our primary services. As a website designer I have found WordPress to be the perfect solution for the small business. Professional Services, Local Stores, Restaurants, Catering Companies, e-Commerce Solutions or another specialized niche market my website designs will help you expand your reach and audience. My photographic services will help to enhance the visual appeal of your website design.


Experience a designer who provides creativity, precision and takes an out of the box approach.


David will exceed your goals and expectations.

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Stylish Parallax Sections

The use of parallax sections is an exciting trend in contemporary WordPress website design. Parallax is a scrolling feature, which causes the background to move at a slower rate than the foreground, creating a 3D effect.

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Meticulously Crafted Elements

The common thread in a WordPress Website Design are the elements used to present the content. It is how these elements are chosen and put together that makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

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Custom CSS Coding

All PREMIUM WordPress Website Design Themes have the versatility to be tweaked. It is in the use of Custom CSS Coding that your website will have unique qualities added. These qualities will enhance your site design and thus it will stand out.




Virginia Darragh, owner of Wire Wiz Electrician Services asked me to design a new website that represents them and their 30 years of service to their local community. A site that is warm and welcoming, not your typical electrician website was the desired result.


It was important to have their services represented on the HOME page. A services page that provides a snippet of the service with a link to the full service page.  The full service page is the landing page for their AdWords campaigns and for organic searches. I also set up a township page for each of their service areas. These townships are GEO coded by zip code to come up in their local area as a landing page in organic searches.


The site is Social Media connected and two blog posts have been written, posted and shared through the Wire Wiz Electrician Services social media accounts. Building their audience through social media and email marketing is an additional service we are helping them to achieve.


The newly designed website launched on June 22, 2015 and within the first week organic searches for services within their service area have been on the first page in most instances. The SEO we did for each page has proven to be extremely effective.


I was also asked to modify and set up their Google Adwords Campaign. The focus is on Electrician Services over the products customers search. This is providing a more focused AdWords Campaign with targeted click throughs to match their service offerings.

Here is what Virginia had to say about the work I have completed for her and Wire Wiz Electrician Services;



I really don’t have words to tell you how truly thankful I am for the work you did with our website, AdWords and all the social media posting.  I have been pursuing someone for a few years, to do what you have done.  I had been disappointed (and scammed a few times) in every one of these ventures, until I dealt with you.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!  



Take a look at the live site | Wire Wiz Electrician Services

Wire Wiz Electrician Services Home Page



This website was created for Michael Weinstein, The Philadelphia Calligrapher to show off and promote his artistic style of calligraphy.

The site was designed to show off his work and promote the unique style that he has for each and every project.

See the live site | https://philadelphiacalligrapher.com/ 


These outstanding services will help your small business GET FOUND ONLINE and are being serviced by our sister company GET FOUND EVOLUTION.

Digital Presence Management

Put Accuracy In Your Digital Presence

Incorrect business listings are frustrating for customers and hurt your search rankings. Take control of your digital presence with Digital Presence Management by Get Found Evolution. We have direct integrations with the industry’s largest network of maps, apps, search engines, and social networks, so your locations perform better in search and your customers find you at the moment of decision.

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Manual listings updates are tedious, and aggregator solutions deliver unpredictable results. With Get Found Evolution, you update once and publish updates across the entire Digital Presence Management Network, giving you real-time control and guaranteeing that your listings are accurate everywhere, every time.

Review Management

Customers and search engines make decisions about your business every day based on your ratings and reviews. If you don’t actively manage this important set of facts, you could be leaving your star ratings up to a few detractors.


Get Found Evolution Reviews helps you unlock your business’s true rating by generating authentic reviews directly from your customers. Ensure your ratings are consistent across the Digital Presence Management Network so you win more business from intelligent search.


Present the best version of your business on the map.


Review Generation | Gain powerful reviews from your customers.


Review Publishing | Add reviews to your website to star in search.


Review Balancing | Ensure an even review distribution.

Establishing a partnership with you as David designs, develops, reviews  and launches your new WordPress website design personalizes his process.


Our collaborative effort will result in the achievement of your goals.

At MoTECH Development we will take your business WordPress website design to the next level.  Using WordPress Website Design, Photography & SEO we will help you reach your goals trough Discovery & Strategy, insightful Branding, Design, Development and Marketing we put your digital footprint together focusing on clarity and ingenuity . We begin with the larger picture and then pay attention to the smallest details. Understanding your company, marketplace, and goals your message will be conveyed. We strip away the noise and get to the core of what makes you unique. We bring your vision to life with detailed visuals and genuine storytelling. We launch, monitor, and refine as your audience interacts and responds.


We work with you to develop a plan of action which answer the questions; Who, What, Where, When and How that pertain to your business. Next we will discuss your goals to determine the direction of your business to formulate a strategy.


We use WordPress CMS Platform to design because of its versatility. The Premium Themes we use have advanced functionality, creative elements and design features that will make your site unique. The key is to select a theme that represents the look and feel you desire. We then take that theme and customize it. Professionally developed content will enhance the impact of your message.


The Design and Development process commonly overlap particularly in the areas of content/copy writing, professional photographs & video production, graphics and logo design. It is in the Development phase that your site is put together and comes to life. We use Custom CSS and PHP coding to achieve the design goals that represent your vision.


Our first level of marketing includes Social Media readying, On-page SEO, and Blogs. We will explore further audience reaching options such as, Content Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization and site Analytics.


More Facts
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Throw out everything you think you know about working with brand strategists and web designers. With David, it’s a whole new ballgame. He’s taking a stand against mediocre results, just pretty designs, and websites that don’t work.

It’s time for a smarter, more strategic approach to branding and WordPress website design, and he’s here to deliver it.

I am asked often what separates us from the competition. My answer is simple. We like to meet face-to-face with our clients and establish a working relationship that results in a website design that meets or exceeds expectations.


As a  New York City and Philadelphia Area WordPress Website Design, Photography & SEO Company our geographic reach is to the local community. If you are within a 30 mile radius of New York City or Philadelphia we would love to talk with you.

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In the past you had to manage multiple sites to have a presence on the tablet and smartphone.  Today we build Responsive WordPress CMS Website Designs that scale to every device. You now only manage one site.

  • Multi Device Access
  • Mobile and Social Strategy
  • Ease of Management
  • Flexibility with Impact
  • Interactive Design


Our WordPress Website Design, Photography & SEO, graphics and content writing is created with our clients’ partnership.


Fusion of Art & Science.

The ultimate in contemporary design.






Experience our passion for creating state-of-the-art digital designs and engaging websites




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Our clients' love our Managed WordPress Hosting plan. That coupled with an SSL Certificate will make your site secure for all visitors and provide you with peace of mind.