Documentary Style Promotional Films by Paul Brian Osorio

Paul joined MoTECH as an independent producer. He works closely with David in the production and editing process. The end result is a Documentary Style Promotional Film that represents your vision.

Engin Cycles

Oteri’s Italian Bakery 45 Second Spot

Oteri’s Italian Bakery | It’s Time To Make Cakes

Fiorella’s Sausage | South Philly

Manayunk Greenworks | Green Panda Apparel

Dufala Bros | Globe Dye Works

Let’s Make a Promotional Film | ACTION!

Rabid Hands | Hawthorn Hall

Harry’s Occult

YogaRave | 2012 Philadelphia

1st Oriental Supermarket

Camp Little Hope | Kelly Natorium

Oteri’s Italian Bakery | A Philadelphia Tradition