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Oteri’s Italian Bakery
Website Design

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About This Project

Oteri’s Italian Bakery


Oteri’s Italian Bakery had MoTECH build them a new website to accurately represent their business. They are a family owned Philadelphia Landmark Bakery for more than 100 years. We have discussed the importance of a business’s brand so it was clear at the onset we had to devise a strategy, then set and highlight Oteri’s brand before moving onto the development of the content. First, securing the domain name OterisItalianBakery.com was a must. We then redirected their old domain OterisBakery.com to their new one and created a logo and a slogan. (“From Our Family to Yours with Love!”) This properly branded their business name, logo and slogan. We spent our first meetings interviewing the business owner and head baker so that we could gain knowledge and learn of their business goals to write appropriate, effective content. We then created a photographic menu of their bakery products. In addition to the product photography we took spontaneous behind the scenes images of their staff at work because it is vital to add a human touch to any business; therefore, their business website.


Once the photography was accomplished, and the content written; the design was constructed and completed in six weeks. The launch of the new site gave Oteri’s Italian Bakery a new face and online presence which precisely represents their bakery business.


In addition to the website redesign, MoTECH has taken on the responsibility of Content Management and Social Media Campaigns. We are happy to say that both are bringing in new customers daily and expanding their audience. MoTECH is also managing the Adwords, PPC Campaign and Google Analytics Accounts.


The success that they are experiencing since the launch of their new site and our participation in managing their online presence is exponential. As a result, Oteri’s Italian Bakery has opened a new store, their fourth in Philadelphia.


Visit the live site | Oteri’s Italian Bakery

Oteri's Italian Bakery
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