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A Slice O' Pi
Fashion Blog, Lifestyle Blog, WordPress Website Design
About This Project



When Andrea Pion first talked to me about her new vision for ASLICEOPI.COM she wanted to be assured that the site would be sleek, chic and functional. It also had to be designed to enable her audience to find new blog posts on topics of interests.

This blog site was carefully crafted in partnership with Andrea to ensure that the end result was beyond her initial thoughts and ideas. The categories, tags, pages were all put together with extreme care. The site is also income producing. As a FASHION & LIFESTYLE BLOGGER in New York City Andrea is sought after for her “CHIC SLICE OF NEW YORK CITY.”

Her blog site is rich with links to the fashions, restaurants, crafts, travel guides and more to enable her audience to find and purchase those items that inspire them.

The images above show partial pages | they scroll and it is not possible to show the entire page here.

Take a look at the live site | Andrea Pion | ASLICEOPI.COM